Company Profile

Biovac is a private owned company founded in 1989 Biovac is engages in developing and producing of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for prevention and treatment of animal diseases. Biovac company is a leading manufacturer of animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals in Israel and has its own distribution chain in order to distribute all the group's products. The group owns plants for production of vitamin preparations, disinfectants and pest control products. Biovac is a leading supplier to the local Israeli animal health market and provide comprehensive solutions for the animal husbandry branch. Biovac group invests heavily in research and development.  The group owns unique production laboratories such as a BSL3 laboratory and a Beta Lactam production alignment. The production units of the group are under quality supervision of check laboratories, authorized and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture. The group's plants are ISO 9001 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved. 

Head Office:
P.O.Box 300
Or  Akiva    30600
Tel:  04-6266772
Fax: 04-6266775