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Company's Profile

The Biovac Company was set up in 1989. It is a leading company in the veterinary field in Israel, dealing in the production, marketing and distribution of veterinary products and land pesticides used in agriculture.

The company has several plants, among them:

Biovac/Vireo Biological Industries:
A plant dealing in the development, production and marketing of immunization vaccines for poultry and cattle. Its activity combines research and development in Biotechnology.

Galpharma Pharmaceutical Industries:
This is a plant which deals in the development and production of pharmaceutical products in the veterinary as well as human fields.

In addition to its activities in these plants, the company focalizes in the marketing and distribution of veterinary products from its own production, and from leading international and local companies in the veterinary field in Israel and all over the world, extending support and professional assistance to agricultural growers.

The company has a marketing outlet system covering the whole country, which includes a wholesale store for veterinary drugs, regional dispensing store for veterinary drugs, and a customers servicing system including veterinarians, marketing and selling personnel.

Biovac has placed excellency as its foremost value in organization, and it has defined its aspiration to attain the highest international standard as its strategic goal.

The company's products are placed under the constant supervision of quality control laboratories, where its products receive approval and are inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health.

Its plants are certified ISO 9001 and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The company is committed to the quality of its products, to the products it markets and the quality of the service it gives to its clients.

Head Office:
P.O.Box 300
Or  Akiva    30600
Tel:  04-6266772
Fax: 04-6266775
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